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OT: Please NPC Madrigal! :)

Madrigal is actively recruiting NPCs for our next event, on October 24-26. Come to fight, roleplay, and earn more sweet, sweet CP!

Our new campsite is lovely; Monster Camp is a large *heated* building which sleeps 40 - each with a built-in bunk. It also has two large bathrooms with several showers in-house, a large common area, a small kitchen area, and a sweeping back porch which overlooks the lake. Two nearby cabins have also been set aside for additional NPC sleeping space. Saturday night dinner is provided for all NPCs who stay for the majority of the weekend. A basic guide to NPCing Madrigal may be found online.

We've recently started a push to refresh our NPC lists and start aggressively pre-casting roles (as well as sharing with all of you well-deserved kudos!) - please email us at madrigalnpc AT accelerantgames DOT com to register, and let us know what sort of roles you prefer:

* Preferences on fighting vs roleplay?
...This includes side considerations such as "how do you feel about the entire playerbase beating on you at once?" and "I love roleplay, but I would rather go to the dentist than do anything political" - seriously, feel free to wax at length on this one!

* Did you attend the September Madrigal event? Can you attend the October Madrigal event?

* Please note other LARPing / Madrigal / acting etc. experience as you feel it is appropriate to note. Also: is there a possibility you might PC, or do you want the sekrit ninja core staff tattoo?

Further Details:

Game Date: October 24-26

Location: YMCA Camp Woodstock in Woodstock, CT

Genre: Heroic Vaguely-Medieval Fantasy


Mailing List:


Thanks - hope to see you there!

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I don't know if I can make it this time. I've got something I have to take care of that Friday night (when I'd usually come down) because there just hasn't been any other time to schedule it. I've been thinking about maybe trying to make Saturday, but I'm not sure if its possible.
I'm pretty sure paladin_of_gaia is dragging bcjonesey with him this time. I'm too pooped out myself, and have trees plant : (
Or...perhaps I spoke too soon. (scratches head in confusion)
I still need to talk to him about it.

Deleted comment

cliodhna, question to you...if we were to arrive some time after game start, especially if we had bags to carry, what is the most descrete way to get into monster camp, given that it's in the middle of the game grounds? :-P
PLENTY of people arrive for Saturday morning, or late Friday night - Real Life Wins, and all that, and we appreciate any time people can spare! :)

If you park up near the out-of-game cafeteria, following the main path past the cabins off to the right of Monster Camp is a pretty discreet way to wander onto site (at least, more so than walking through the center of town) - throwing a cloak on over your clothes is a great way to be less OOG as well. Most PCs are pretty understanding, overall, so long as people make a token effort not to be disruptive! It's all good! :)
Oh man..this is the same weekend as Isles. Madrigal's gonna hurt NPC count for Isles. >< ick. I wish Accelerant/nTeraction games could coordinate better so they don't run on the same weekends.
There are just too many of them to fit. Aralis and Valiant have also been running against each other. There are more than four games, and they each want two sessions within Sept-early Nov...
Especially given the limitations imposed by the various campsites, I'm just impressed that there hasn't been more painful crossover yet.
Yo! I'll be there for Saturday.
I already told you, but I'll be there! :D