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[Crossposted] Madrigal is seeking NPCs for their Winter Revel!

[With thanks to Mac for permission!]

Madrigal is actively recruiting NPCs for our Winter Revel, February 20-22, 2009. Come to fight, roleplay, and earn more sweet, sweet CP! :D

The Revel is being held at our regular campsite; Monster Camp is a large heated building which sleeps 40 - each with a built-in bunk. It also has two large bathrooms with several showers in-house, a large common area, a small kitchen area, and a sweeping back porch which overlooks the lake. Saturday night dinner is provided for all NPCs who stay for the majority of the weekend.

Please email us to register (and let us know what sorts of roles you prefer!), or if you have any questions about NPCing. A basic guide to NPCing Madrigal may be found online.

Further Details:

Game Date: Feb 20-22, 2009

Location: YMCA Camp Woodstock in Woodstock, CT

Genre: Heroic Fantasy


Mailing List:

LiveJournal: madrigal_larp


We've recently started a push to refresh our NPC lists and start aggressively pre-casting roles (as well as sharing with all of you well-deserved kudos!) - please email us at madrigalnpc AT accelerantgames DOT com to register, and let us know what sort of roles you prefer:

* Preferences on fighting vs roleplay?
...This includes such considerations such as "how do you feel about Big Bad Guy roles, where the entire playerbase will attempt to kill your NPC at once?" and "I love to roleplay, but I would rather go to the dentist than do anything political!" - please feel free to wax on at length on this one!

* Have you attended previous events as an NPC? Can you commit to NPC events in advance?

* Please note other LARPing / Madrigal / acting etc. experience as you feel it is appropriate to note. Also: is there a possibility you might PC, or are you willing to become a semi-permanent NPC, and thus increase your availability for repeating and "plot" roles?

Thanks! See you soon! :)
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