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Hawk Handsaw

Menu for Endgame Aug 09

The food has been planned and budgeted and Paypal buttons have been made!

Please go to the website listed at the bottom to pre-pay for your food. The meals are priced individually but there is a reduced rate for buying all the meals at once.

There will be a late night snack on Friday as well as Saturday and also freezy pops during the afternoons. These will all be free of charge.

I strongly encourage everyone to pre-buy food! This way you don't have to worry about carrying money around and I'll have the money to actually buy the food before shopping!

If you will not be able to pre-pay or if you will not be eating these meals, please drop me an e-mail to let me know which meals, if any you will be eating. This will help me ensure we have enough food for everyone. My e-mail is hawkhandsaw2000@yahoo.com.

You can also contact me there if you have any questions about the food or ingredients.

There will be no msg, sesame seeds, fish, shellfish or pork in anything. There will be onions in the veggie chili and the chicken soup only. There will be tomatoes in the veggie chili and available on the side for the salad only. There will be chili powder in both meat and veggie chili only. There will be milk in the marine beef breakfast. There will be milk in the biscuits and bread but dairy free bagels will be available at all times as alternatives. The scrambled eggs and the hard-boiled eggs will contain eggs. Cheese is always served for you to add it yourself. The only nuts will be in the peanut butter. If I have missed an allergy, feel free to ask about it.

I will have the Paypal buttons available until Friday morning. They will be taken down then because I will be headed out to shop and get to the site. If you want to pre-pay after I print up the 'people who have paid' list, I won't have a record of it so the buttons will be down and you will need to pay on site.

Thank you all,

Amy (Emily)

Buttons can be found here:

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