Thorge (jesiah_blanche) wrote in endgame_larp,

It's all over...

Well, after all the hype of a couple of days ago, Danny has become a sheared mess of a system that may not even be totally tropical anymore.

Current thinking is Danny will interact in some way with the approaching frontal boundary. Rain should start falling sometime around dawn on Saturday and persist throughout most of the daylight hours. Rain could be heavy at times, but it shouldn't be a total washout. It should taper off sometime after dark as whatever is left of Danny and the front sweep into the Canadian Maritimes.

Sunday will be unsettled as the upper level low hangs back and throws clouds and showers across the area.

Sorry for any anxiety I may have imposed for the weekend. I only do this as a hobby. There are plenty of pro meteorologists who got Danny wrong too.

We now return you to your normally rainy Temple...
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