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Seeking NPCs!

Hello All!

Endgame is even now seeking NPCs for our October 2-4 event. We're really looking forward to some great times at this event and would very much like to get as many NPCs as we can! Please remember that we prefer to hear from NPCs ahead of time so that we know how much food to buy for you and whether we can cast you in roleplaying roles. That's right, we shall feed you all weekend, and the cost to NPC an Endgame event is only five dollars to make sure you're insured.

Endgame is a Post-Apocalyptic Heroic Horror game. It takes place in the near future of our modern Earth. History in Endgame Earth is essentially identical to that of the real world, up until May, 2006. During that fateful month, the barriers that kept magic at bay are swept aside, and Earth is invaded by several races of monstrous alien creatures, all hostile to humanity. With the magic, mental arts, and advanced science they brought with them, they swept human defenses aside, killed or enslaved the vast majority of us, and fell to fighting amongst themselves over the ruins of our civilization.

We currently feature CP exchange with the following games:

The Calling
The Isles
Lost Eidolons
Pirate Island
Secrets of the Mesa
And now 7 Virtues!

Please let us know ASAP if you're planning on coming, so we can have fun stuff for you to do and plenty of food and drink!

NPC Coordinator
Endgame Staff
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